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Selena Lillith Yaxley [entries|friends|calendar]
Selena Lillith Yaxley

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[20 Sep 2006|09:59pm]
Can you people get anymore fucking boring? Honestly, we've been forced back here for three weeks and the most excitement I've seen made me want to vomit. Really, I know that the whole 'hump everybody' was a huge world epidemic but that's ending. Move on. The times are harder and nights colder so if you really want to fuck everyone you see then at least get drunk off your ass first. Alright? Good.

Someone entertain me.

[Edit:] An actual someone this time.

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Just give the girl a flask! [27 Aug 2006|10:27pm]
What is this? A fucking prohibition?! I swear to fuck that I'm getting so wasted come September first. I'll have a hangover to last a week after... but Merlin will it ever be worth it.

I don't get it... we're fucking Irish! how cn there be no whiskey in this hell hole? There has to be spme... father doesn't drink coffee unless it is Irish... but where the fuck?! I've looked everywhere! Or rather the houseelves have... might as well put them to good use.

Oy, someone smuggle me in a bottle or two on the train... the strongest shit you can find. What's in it for you? I've been told I'm far more tolerable when drunk, so I wont be ripping you to shreds if you even so much as attempt to make eye contact. It doesn't get much better than that lads and lasses.

I'm not even fucking kidding. I've been sober for nearly two months now and I'm pretty sure my liver is back to it's normal colour. Where is the fun in being continually aware? How you fuckface, virgin pledged, goody-two shoe freaks do it I'll never know. What's wrong with you? Are your panties so far up your fat asses that you can't indulge in life's simple pleasures? You people make me fucking sick. Either live a little or go fuck off somewhere and die with all your stupid inhibitions in tact.

Fuck I'm in a bad mood, worse than usual even and that is certainly saying something. If I wasn't so bored out of my mind and in need of some entertainment I wouldn't even bother with this peice of


Cue the Pansy... just in time. I've got some frustrations to take out on a nosey little shit. That's right, you've been spared.

Pures: Go away
Muds: Find a hole
Halfs: Die.

This rant is brought to you by the very... sober Yax.

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[19 Jul 2006|05:21pm]
He was gone... he was actually gone for the rest of the week and he took that fat, greasy pedofile with him. If Selena didn't look a complete mess with her fresh battle scars she'd celebrate. She had five days to heal; five days to dream about an impossible escape and only forty-three until a semi-permanent solution would arise once more.

Listening for Alexi to make sure he was out of the house, Selena broke into her fathers room, retrieving her make-up kit, journal, quill set and wand. She didn't care about the homework. It's not like he ever let her do it anyway. And her reputation didn't call for her to do it either.

Selena made everything look the way it had before she had come in and then headed back down to the dark, cold cellar that had become her primary residence during the two long months of summer. The lies that spilled out on the parchment before her were nothing new. She used them in her everyday life. This persona she had adapted. It was survival and a reassurance that she did have control and power. If not at home like she led people to believe, at least she had it at school where no one knew her well enough to say otherwise.

Public Journal

This summer is so fucking dull its not funny. It almost makes me want to be back in the shitter we call a school. Almost.

My father is gone on yet another one of his annoying conferences, along with the fat fuck, Mr. Richards, leaving me here to babysit pansy ass Alexi and the fucking house elves. Really the kid is nearly fourteen, you think he could tack care of himself. And the house elves... don't even get me started. I don't see why we haven't just stuffed them in a box and buried them in the garden. I'm sure they would make expectional fertalizer.

I'm bored out of my fucking skull and there isn't an ounce of alcohol in this dump. This would be the only reason I am bothering to write in this piece of trash. Alas it's not giving me the entertainment I was looking for. Excuse me while I go hang Alexi by his feet and teach him how to hit a pinata.


P.S I think a celebration is in order. One less 'Puff' too deal with on a regular basis. I think that deserves the 'cubans' in my fathers office.

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[12 Jun 2006|12:36am]
"I don't fucking care if you fell out of the window! Your one task was to get my fucking bookbag from my last class to my room before I got there. At no point were you to stop to do what ever the fuck you did, and you were especially NOT to go into it! Now where the fuck are they?!" the fiery redhead wailed on the second year boy as he cried. Really how hard of a task was it? And HE was the one who took it upon himself to get it done; Selena never asked him to do it, he volunteered. She couldn't believe the kid had not only failed to get her bag to her room before she herself was there, but also there was a certain item missing when it finally got there. She was pissed and didn't really care that the rest of the school knew it. Fuck them.

The boy begged and pleaded his innocence in the situation which only angered Selena further. "Don't give me that bull shit, now where the fuck-" she was cut off by a voice calling out her name as they approached, "fuck off, I'm busy."

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Open to a therapist ;) You know if someone happened to want to know a bit about Yax. [30 Apr 2006|10:15am]
Selena laid on one of the couches in the common room an empty fire whiskey bottle in one hand and another tipping more of the liquid into her mouth. She was going to get herself piss drunk, with the alcohol Devitt gave her and rest she stole, so she could escape the thoughts taking over her mind lately. School was only in for two more months and then... then she would be back at home. Back into the fiery depths of hell where her existance was dependant on obedience; something Selena wasn't exactly well known for having.

Now there she was at the back of the room, two bottles consumed and another on the go. Her legs were straight in the air as she chugged down the liquid; her feet dancing as they really had nothing else to do. She had no awareness that her skirt was too short for her position nor that she was making a hige scene. That part she would not have cared about, people talked about her all the time and pay back would be interesting as always, they were only helping her reputation become worse and worse. Selena looked at the empty bottle and lazily chucked it behind the chair and with deadly accuracy it soared into the fire place where it exploded and joined the other bottle she had blindly thrown in there. Even when out of her mind she had crazy aim.

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[18 Apr 2006|03:49pm]
10 secrets Selena Yaxley would never tell... who could she tell?Collapse )

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[09 Apr 2006|01:58pm]
My brain fucking hurts and all you little shits are not helping. Honestly, who fucking parades through the common room in a pink jumper?! Not only that but the kid had one of those raggedy doll thingers. What the fuck?! Where are our future generations leading us? Too hufflepuff land? I don't want to know they just all have to fucking die or something else useful.


Holy shit you should have seen the kids fucking face when I turned her little friend into a pair of scissors! It was priceless. She started crying and then nearly stabbed herself in the eye before chasing after someother kid for making fun of her. Maybe there is some hope left. Now my fucking sides hurt from laughing so hard.

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Personal Drama: Open of course [16 Mar 2006|04:58pm]
March 16th was the day and Selena could have definitely done without knowing it. Two years; she could have... well none of that mattered to anyone but her. No one needed to know. She figured they had to all of been stupid enough not to have noticed then so really... Fuck it. Selena locked the door to her dorm once everyone else had gone to breakfast, she had only awaken because Simpson had gone on about how today was the 16th and she had a huge potions test. She lifted her shirt a little and stared at her femininly toned stomach: though the physical marks were gone the emotional ones would always remain.

"This is stupid... just get the fuck over it! Christ girl toughen up! FUCK!" she screamed slaming her fist against the brick wall and feeling the sting that accompanied the action. Why was she doing this? Twisted... real fucking twisted. Scowling she wrapped her hand and stalked out of her dorm and into the common room, clearly not in the mood to deal with any living being.

[ooc: sorry it's been a while... I suck. BUT I am coming back with a vengence! Promise!]

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[25 Feb 2006|02:35pm]
It was a fact of life; annoying people equals hours of personal entertainment.

Selena lay on a couch in the slytherin common room with her legs hanging off the back and head dangling from the seat cushion. Her victim sat across from her in a chair and appearing to be ignoring her as they studied. Selena laughed to herself as she saw the them resist the temptation of striking out against her annoying and obscene facial expressions and body gestures.

[ooc: who want to be annoyed? XP]

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Backdated a bit to drunk Yax for Snapeypoo. ;P [16 Feb 2006|01:19am]
Selena stared at the words of others on her journal entry, her eyes screwing up as she tried to make sense of all the scroll. People really needed to learn how to spell. The drunken Slytherin finally just gave up and threw her book of personal expression accross the common room where she had been stationed.

She rolled over on the could with a large grunt and ended up on her side on the ground. Selena began to laugh maniacally at the sudden sting that shot through her arm upon contact with the floor. She definitely had not landed right but again she wasn't sober enough to show a conherent reaction.

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Ter nuh blod en meh alocol sestm! [10 Feb 2006|10:42am]
Hulol fcukrs,

Tihs siht iz gud! Wohse iz its? Deos'nt fcuknig matr newyas; tsi all gon. Yu shud konw betr tahn to laeve gud sihte lyanig arund. It bsaic konwldege.

Hvae yu evr wundrd wyh te bgi bad froest iz ferbidn? I tihnk it sum bgi sacm sos we dun konw wot iz atculy en ter. I bte ters netig en ter. I draemd I wus en ter a tym ago n ter wus netig en ter. Nohtni treyed to gte me. Tsi jsut a rael bor ef a plas. Te porfs prubly laf at te stdunts woh go en all scerd. Pepl aer chikn sihts! Sumun mkaes a nose lek fet nd prats ren aawy. We shud huv a bsuh perti! Brnig mroe ef tis fcukng shet.

Hev I tlod yu ul tad I htae yo? ts por fekt! I reely do hat u ul! Hahahahahaha! Espicly Alxei, he ikle sas wyp. Tats ryt, I hut yo muts bordr derest! uor borth fcucnin ruend vrytin! Hahaha! Wyh din'dt I trow yu ut the widnow agen? Rigt, ou cryd lyke a bctih nd he herd use. El bes sher to smudr yu frst! Hahahaha!

Ne, rely, tihs gode. I fals hepy! HAHAHA! Meh... hapi? I cud de ayntihn! I cuod fekin fli! Woh hes de wengz? I wunt to fli! E wont a sendwic. wit terki, nd hma nd chcolet sahse!

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[07 Feb 2006|10:05pm]
Okay I'm pissed. What the fuck is wrong with you people? You've been on my case and in my fucking face about some shit that I obviously didn't do.

I did not steal those fucking shoes.
I did not try to steal that girls boyfriend though that would have been fucking hilarious.
I am not trying to be in your life in any way.
If I did any of those things I assure you I would admit fully them. and do a little victory dance

Fuck people just get over yourselves and leave me alone.

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[01 Feb 2006|03:26pm]
Selena sat on a couch in the Slytherin commonroom with her feet proped up on a table and a pint of smuggled alcohol in her hand. Her eyes were wide and red from the insomnia that she had forced on herself. Miss Yaxley had been having these reoccuring nightmares about the forbidden forest and the absense of creatures therein; each dream moving a little further in plot until she could hear the prancing of hooves and decided to eliminate rest from her system.

The raging flames in the fireplace scolded her for her intoxication but she didn't care; it came to the point when she started to yell back at non-existant persona in the fire. Selena chugged down the final contents of her drink and cursed her glass for not being ever-filling of her anti-depressent.

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[27 Jan 2006|01:25am]
Selena glared at the school owl as it edged closer to her again with another reply from that persistant Gryffindor. "Just fucking give it to me." she snapped grabbing the birds talon and taking the parchment. She rolled her eyes at the boys obvious excitement, Either this or listen to Noreen. I will try to be civil and get away from Lupin as quickly as I can. Fuck, why did I agree to this again!? She shooed the bird away feeling no need to state the obvious in another pointless note and got herself ready for the trek in the 'great-outdoors'.

It had to have been at least twenty minutes by the time Selena made her way outside in the cold; she lit a fag and began to walk to the meeting spot. Selena cracked her back and neck upon seeing the smaller gryffindor boy and walked up to him exhaling a large puff of toxic waste, "I'm here, happy?"

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[24 Jan 2006|10:34pm]
Which ever one of you clumbsy little shit's spilt fucking ink all over my chair better fucking get it cleaned up right now or else I will hex you back into your fathers hairy testicles!

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